After a pretty decent sleep, I needed to get up early with the sun to try to beat the heat and give myself extra time with the headwind.  I awoke before my alarm went off because there was an owl convention in the neighborhood.  I couldn’t see them, but it sounded like there was a half a dozen all around this town Hootin’ and hollering.  As i broke down camp they did not stop. As I left town they were still going at it.  It was nice and cool this morning and because it was Sunday morning, the traffic was non-existent.  The shadows were long but the wind had already arrived. And it was only going to get stronger as the day went on.  Once again the terrain was flat and the road pin straight.  As I pass by the fields the bulls would always turn to stare me down.  I must have represented a threat with my black bags on my bike. Maybe I looked like a big bull.  Some stood there and grunted and others ran away.  Farther up the road I passed several fields of prairie dogs.  They were yelping and screeching, warning of an intruder. I could not see them off in the distance.  Every once in awhile I spotted a tiny little head poking above their doorway.  Unfortunately not close enough to get a decent picture.  Today was wonderfully uneventful day

Arriving in the town of Sterling I found a wonderful cafe which was packed full of locals.  I had to wait for a table because it was so busy.  Getting a good hearty breakfast / lunch I made arrangements to stay an a quaint little motel called The Crest.  The owner Joe got me into the first room available because I was much earlier than their normal 3:00 check in.  The heat was rising and eventually peaked at over 100°.  I was grateful that Joe was able to get me in and I was get myself situated. I spent time drying out the wet tent from the night before and eventually got some additional food for tonight and for the morning.  Tomorrow will be another early start to avoid the heat.