Get up early and get it done! The next two days were predicted for 101 plus. I packed extra water and some extra food and took off at 5:30 AM. With the sun on my back and the breeze on my face I started out. Originally as I was leaving town I saw a sign for Interstate 76. Because it was a divided highway and a very large shoulder I actually thought I might be on the interstate. I checked and checked and couldn’t understand how I had plot a route along the interstate. I decided not to stop but just kept on going and thought let’s wait for at least another few miles before I double check. About 10 minutes later a sheriff rolled past me and I thought well… If they didn’t pull me over either it’s not illegal or I’m not on the interstate. About two miles later it was confirmed that I was not on the interstate. The signs I were seeing were pointing all the drivers leaving town to the Interstate which was off in the distance and I couldn’t see. Again the same long shadows as yesterday. There was a little more traffic because it was the beginning of a week but not much. The wind was a little heavier than the day before but the terrain was just as quiet and flat. As I wandered and meandered between the fields there were definitely some different vistas that I hadn’t seen. Specifically seeing some of the sagebrush that I always talked about but I’d never seen. I also saw a lot of fields of gold, That is golden wheat. I saw many large watering contraptions operating in full. I have seen very few operate but to day it seemed like most of them in view were already watering the crops. The forecast is for a heat advisory so my guess was all the farmers had gotten up early to get water into their crops to help them continue to grow. I saw a few historical markers one with an audio track which I haven’t listened to yet. I saw more bowls donkeys and a whole herd of goats. Once again the roads were quiet until I approached the only town prior to my destination. With 10 miles to go it was a large state road with a super wide shoulder and I never was concerned about any of the traffic. In fact I was more concerned about the waterways that was just off the road which were irrigation channels feeding all of the fields for more than ten miles. As I finally am coming out of the plains I fully expect tomorrow to start to see the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.