It was a beautiful day today heading out of town with cooler weather and overcast skies.  Today’s forecast is predicted in the high 90s. So I need to put as many miles in as soon as possible.  The terrain started out nice and flat, but like yesterday, the hills popped out of the ground and remained for the rest of the day.  At one point I started up a long hill, all the way to the horizon as far as I could see.  I found out later it was called the California Hill.  This was a landmark on the Oregon trail.  There was a trail marker mentioning the option to go and see the remnants of the ruts created by the Oregon travelers.

This hill wasn’t super steep, but it kept going and going and going.  Multiple false flats, I think it turned out to be about four and a half miles of uphill.  The winds for the next several days are predicted to be more or less, directly in my face. I hope it changes.   There’s nothing I can do but just keep moving and try to finish the miles as soon as possible.  Today I crossed into Colorado which was another milestone on the route.  The eastern edge of Colorado resembles Nebraska & Kansas. The Rockies will not show up until I approach Boulder.

Entering Colorado, I passed through the small town Julesburg called the gateway to Colorado.  I stopped into the local train depot and was able to get some water from curator, Stanley.  The museum was a history of the Transcontinental railroad and all of the people that flowed through this little town. This town was a short day option to retire. I was not ready to stop.

Several days ago I inquired about possibly staying at this hotel.  Little town of Sedgwick was just up the road but she had a large family reunion and so there other town events happening.  She made it clear that I could camp alongside the hotel and just hang out with family and friends. I called again to ask if the offer still stood and she graciously said YES. Arriving in the town I met the owner, Lupa, and she gave me a quick rundown of my options. Setting my stuff aside It was time to get a bit to eat. The only food place was a local bar.  I was able to get a simple meal, couple of drinks and all the sudden the music started.  There was a large motorcycle tour running through the town which created a food and music event.  I hung out on the back patio enjoying the music for about an hour but then retreated across the street to a park where I was going to set up camp and just enjoy a little bit more solitude. 

I set my tent up behind the former jail, now a museum, in the park on a beautiful lush lawn. Everything was ready to go for the evening.  One of the family members came to offer some food because they brought food for an army. Walking into the main kitchen area, there was food for two armies.  I had some amazing homemade Mexican food.  It really hit the spot.  I then met several of the family members and sat and talked to Lupa and her sister for an hour and a half.  A good portion of their crew decided to go bowling and so I didn’t see them for the rest of the evening.  As my eyes were getting heavy I retired to the tent and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.  I now understand why the grass was so lush. At 9:30 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. the sprinkler system, which I never saw, came on and began to rain down on my tent.  Good thing I put the rain fly up last night even though there was no rain in the forecast.  Next time I will check for sprinklers.