Today was a much needed day of rest. I thought it might do a short ride to cut some of the distance through the city. But after embarking outside and feeling the heat early in the morning I decided against it. It was time to just rest and plan out the next week. I had already done laundry last night so today was a quiet day sitting in my room pondering and planning the next few days. The idea of doing nothing was very refreshing. I had some great phone calls with friends and family. Looking at where I’ve been and seeing how far I’ve come I am truly amazed. I am glad a large chunk of it was on trails and not roads. The next several weeks will be nothing but them. Linking small towns and services without getting exposed to potential storms and bad weather that is the challenge ahead. The forecasts are looking good but I can’t get too far ahead. I don’t expect to see anyone except for the times I get into small little towns and see family. This section with country is not filled with any bike paths, warm showers, and cyclists. The only cyclist I may see will be doing the same type of journey, and most likely they’ll be coming the opposite way. All I can hope is that the storms will hold off and the wind will be at my back.

Tour Stats

  • Total Days – 33
  • Ride Days – 28
  • Zero / Rest Days – 4
  • Ride Time – 139:00
  • Miles – 1535.5
  • Assent – 42,441
  • Descent – 41,038
  • Pedal Strokes – 552,554

Last Day I reported Stats – Day 12