Trying to avoid the heat today I got out the earliest I have in the last month. This section of the trail has very little re-supply stops. So picking up a handful of supplies I knew I could get to where I needed to go. I had a short 30 minute downfall of rain which brought some coolness. There was nobody on the trail until I got to the end of the Katy Trail in Pleasant Hill. Here I had planned to stop and eat lunch and refuel. When I arrived the cafe in town told me they were under a boil advisory because they had damaged water Main. The town was dry. The only liquid I could get was tea or coffee which was previously made. Thankfully I was able to get some food. It was a simple but difficult day. When I left the restaurant the skies were absent of all clouds and a 95 degree heat was raining down. After a few more miles on the trail it was over. Back to some quiet country roads which led me to my final destination. I’m really glad that I started early because the heat after lunch was really unbearable. The only people I talked to all day was a few women that I met early in the morning when I started out at the gas station. The Katy Trail is definitely something to do. Quiet and no cars make it a great ride. For me I had hoped to run into a few more people but that wasn’t the case. I need to know get some rest and start planning my route for the next 10 days.