Since I arrived early and my destination yesterday, I took sometime to do some much needed laundry and repair a few items. Going over all of my gear I have gathered some items that I’m sending home. There may be another opportunity in the coming weeks to send even more back as the weather warms up significantly. Continue to work on trying to process videos but that is probably going to come to a halt. I’ll do what I can but that will definitely be limited. Dan is coming to ride the next 5 days with me. So when he gets here we will spend some time doing some detailed route planning and understanding our destination for the next coming days. My understanding is this is his first bike packing trip so I’m sure there’s much to talk about.

Tour Stats

  • Ride Days – 10
  • Zero / Rest Days – 2
  • Ride Time – 53:34
  • Miles – 559
  • Assent – 16,778
  • Descent – 15,605
  • Pedal Strokes – 201,933