Early this morning the storms and the rain were still finishing up from the night before. I waited the heavy stuff out but there was a light rain for quite some time after leaving town. It was very foggy and overcast, so I made sure that I have bright clothes and lots of lights flashing. Once again it was a very quiet day in terms of traffic and people. At one point I rolled into a little town that was a stop on the Pony Express. I tried taking a few pictures but they didn’t come out because of the rain. Pony Express

A little later in the day the flat train started sprouting hills. The landscape changed for about 5 to 8 miles and then returned to more of the flatlands. Trains were constantly coming to and fro. North Platte NE where I will finished up today It’s a big Union Pacific train hub. I should go past it in the morning leaving town. Once again the winds were favorably behind me but as the day wore on they swirled and turned against me. Crossing the Platte River I spotted a bald eagle for the third time on the trip but he ducked behind a tree before I could get a picture.