Heading out this morning the weather has calmed down.  I spent much of yesterday digging into the family history.  I was expecting to get wet when I went to bed and as I told my cousin, you can’t wait for perfect.  It was bittersweet leaving Kearney.  I could have stayed there several more days and thoroughly enjoyed the company of Cathie and David.  They were great host and it was so good to reconnect.  I was almost in tears as I left the house.  Her home was a milestone I had been looking at for almost 5 months.  So to reach that milestone spend time there reconnect but then leave it was so hard.

As I rolled west out of town I found a subdivision that was labeled 1733.  1733 mi from San Francisco and 1773 from Boston.  Interesting enough but that wasn’t my calculation based on my specific route.  My route is approximately 4000 mi and Kearney was essentially halfway on my journey.

The roads were super quiet and the shoulder super wide.  The wind was more at my back for most of the day instead of the crosswind that was predicted.  I made much better time.  I was constantly calculating could I make the next day today given the wind.  Unfortunately as I move today the wind was slowly moving to my front to slow me down.  As much as I wanted to continue on it wouldn’t have been wise.  So I paused and rested and I will move on tomorrow.