Today was a much cooler day.  I worked my through a small town to an alternate freeway that would get me to my destination today.  This alternate freeway was the main route between where I was this morning and where I am tonight.  The only way  The shoulder was as wide as a second car lane.  I chuckled because I could always tell before I saw the signs, when I changed counties.  The shoulders would change color, smoothness, but typically stayed the same width, which I was grateful. Today was a day with the wind at my back.  Wow what a difference.  I hope I can experience those easterly winds every so often just to help the mental and physical state of being.  Several times I looked down today and I was traveling over 22 miles an hour.  Given the amount of gear on the bike, that was substantial.  Once again it was a on a pin straight line road with very few bends.  Today’s theme was truly trains and grains.  I watch several trains pass in multiple directions, and pass multiple grain depots that would fill those large trains at different times.  Because of the wind at my back I made very good time.  Knowing I didn’t have to battle a headwind, I took extra time stopping and seeing what few sites I could.  Ultimately, getting into town and finding a community pool watching kids play.  I moved on and then found a large community park where there must have been 100 kids in some day camp.  They were all sitting under a shelter taking a break from the heat, but you could hear them all anxious to get back out on the playground.  I was able to get a really good meal which I haven’t had in a long time.  Too much gas station food.  Later this evening I was in a local restaurant and I met two individuals, Wendell and Tyler. Tyler was getting some carry out but Wndel and I carried on a conversation for about an hour.  A local retiree doing some parts delivery around the area just enjoying life.  He said he loved to come to this establishment because he was always meeting people from out of town.  My cyclepath shirt from Erika definitely gets comments and laughs.  Wendel noticed my tan lines on my face along with a shirt and that’s what started the conversation.  In the end he gave me his business card and asked me to send him an email when I got to the end.  It was so much fun talking to both of them but it was time to hunker down, get some rest, and enjoy listening to the rain storm coming through all night.