With high winds and high heat predicted for another day, I started early to avoid another day like yesterday.  The day started out with 20 mi on the Heritage Trail.  For over 10 miles, it was tree lined and covered which was absolutely amazing.  It provided shade in the early morning sun.  There was not a single cloud in the sky. To my surprise I actually saw a couple of walkers and several bikers. This would not be a place I would be a cyclist. Anyways getting out early the wind was at my back in the first two hours felt like a road race. What a change from yesterday. But then as I turned W that’s when the wind came at me again. By 9:00 AM the winds were sustained 17 miles an hour heading toward 20 plus and 36 mile an hour gust. This next section I literally had to lean into my 10 o’clock. That was the direction the wind was coming from and it was so strong I was required to lean to compensate. Today was only half of yesterday which was a great change of pace. I was hoping to head to Lincoln NE but everything was booked up because of the start of the college World Series in Omaha. The hills were flattered today but one thing that has remained consistent is you can always see the towns off in the distance by the locations of the water towers. Today was no different about 8 miles away I could see what I presume to be my destination. As it turns out I was staying 100 yards from that water tower.

Today felt so much easier than yesterday and as they pondered the reason why it was truly the fact that I was able to complete the distance very early in the day. Yesterday or even today if I had to contemplate going into the wind for Another 30 plus miles it would have taken 5 to 6 hours. And the toll of the wind and the heat begins to add up and I realized I need to plot much shorter days to make going across the plains a reality