We are not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Today was more of the same wide open spaces. The difference today was the wind rearing its ugly head.  Getting out early I was able to cover 25 miles before the hammer dropped.  For the next 10 miles I barely traveled 6 miles an hour. Yet I was peddling like I should have covered twice that distance. It started out as a crosswind but more in my face . For a short distance when I turn to the N it gave me a small push which was much appreciated. oh what a little push we’ll do for your morale. But that’s when it all changed. As I turn west for the last 25 miles it was nothing but a headwind. Slogging and pushing the petals as best I could, I tried to stay hydrated and fed. There were not many options to refuel so early on even with four water bottles I took on four large Gatorade bottles to supplement. I picked up a little food at a convenience store along with the things I had packed previously. With 10 miles left, I came upon an unmarked gas station with great relief. The heat had risen over 100 degrees and I needed to cool off. I sat inside the air conditioning station for 25 minutes and had an ice cream and ice tea. Heading out I knew I was almost done, but once again the hills kept coming. As I rolled into the largest town I had seen since Kansas I was able to find some more food and water and finish the day wiped out. Travel through the town, they were working on their courthouse. This was the nicest building I saw.