Another quiet early morning ride on a nice shady trail, but leaving the town of Mount Vernon we came across one of the coolest fountains I’ve seen.  We stopped there to make some bike adjustments.  The route was flat in comparison to previous days.

We stopped at a crazy looking lookout tower and Dan decided he had to climb to the top.  Not sure how many steps, but I chose to stay and look from the ground.  I just don’t like the heights anymore. We rode past the highest point on the trail (1285 feet).  We passed three women bike packing heading the opposite way.  We made a great little stop at a cool tavern that clearly honors the military and the firefighters.  We met two couples sitting outside at the Tavern who wanted to know about our travels. The Ohio Erie Trail winds through the country and small towns. At one point we came to a halt wondering if we were going to have to find an alternate route. There were several crews repairing a broken telephone pole with numerous wires still attached. Thankfully they had created a small path and allowed us to travel past . As we came into the suburbs of Columbus it reminded me of some of the trails at home in Dodge Park. This trail is well maintained and I would clearly do this one again. I know the northern section through Cuyahoga National Park is awesome. The theme of the day was dogs. We constantly passed by dog statues.