Today was a short ride along a beautiful shady trail.  It was very quiet because it was the beginning of the week.  We saw very few people out on the trail.  Unlike yesterday we quickly chewed up miles and got to our lunch spot.   In a local town with heavy farm  traffic, we stopped a small little bar and grill.  The air conditioning restaurant was great to take a rest in.  We commented how nice the place was for such a small town.  The food was great. And after filling up our water bottles, we again moved out.  We came upon Kenyon college, where my friend knew some family friends who had attended.  So we took a little detour which was right off the trail and explored the campus.

Graduation must have been a day ago.  There were remnants of people still moving out.  Once again as we finished our quiet day, it seemed after a relatively flat day, all of the climb, all of the work, was at the end.   Climbing to the top of the tallest hill around. I need to stop doing that.

It was so nice to spend the majority of the day in a shady trail very similar to the trails at home.  We both had an amazing dinner sitting outside at this Italian restaurant ajasent to our hotel.  They’re a thunderstorms in our future and we are pondering our next few days.  I’m very interesting to see how God has directed my path knowing what is ahead.  Staying safe is key.  We will see what we can find.