Gods Forgiveness is like a Pencil.
Through our unrighteousness, we do not have peace with God. Because of this unrighteousness (original sin), we are separated from God. Every time we break the Law (HIS commandments), we commit sin.

Because of Gods righteousness He records our sin with a pencil. This pencil has two distinct ends. One end Is pointed and sharp. The other is round and soft. God only uses one end and at a time. The pencil lead,
pointed and sharp end, is used to record our sin. This lead is black and poisonous. With this on our record we will perish, for the wages of sin is death. But because of Gods grace and mercy, we have a way to eliminate our mistakes. God has provided an eraser. This eraser is round and soft, -gentle and forgiving. This eraser is Jesus Christ.

When we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts, and
make him our personal Lord and Savior, God breaks the
lead from our pencil and only uses the eraser. After the
moment of decision, to those with a sincere commitment,
He gives the special gift of Eternal Life.

And He writes their name in the Book of Life – with Ink.