A few months ago I finished the book called Undaunted Courage.  It described the journey of Lewis and Clark as they explored the Northwest Territory.  Meriwether Lewis spent several years planning and preparing for the expedition.  Once they began they were re on their own.  What they carried how they handle themselves would greatly affect the outcome of their expedition.  With minimal knowledge of what lie ahead in terms of terrain, wildlife, weather, or the native people, they set forth to discover.

What strikes me today, is the vast amount of technology readily at our hands.  Cell phones, satellite communicators, GPS, cameras, drones, and many services dotted across our country.  Lewis and Clark had none of this just pen and paper.

I’m grateful for all the technology and the services but it really shows how much we trust and rely on them in our daily existence.  Even though I have access to this vast array, there’s still a sense of stepping out.  I can only image how Lewis and Clark felt as they departed on their great expedition to the northwest.