Today I woke up not feeling great. I at breakfast and rested some more in hopes of riding today. But as I looked over the next several days, I decided to enjoy a casual day exploring Cumberland MD. Rain is in the forecast and there’s no way to avoid it. I walked the historic downtown exploring a back alley marketplace and having lunch in a small grill. I ended up in the Antique Emporium and spoke with June and the owner Meg. They asked what brought me into the store and of course that started a conversation about the trip. The store was filled with all kinds of eclectic goodies. They said their most recognizable piece was little R2D2, young or old, every one knew R2D2. I visited into the Allegheny Museum and ended up with a private tour through the lower section because they were setting up for a photo shoot and the museum was closed. I Would have loved to have seen more of the B&O train collection, but it was closed. Listen to Chris explain some of what I saw today.

I connected with Dan who will be joining me for 300ish miles at the end of the week. It will be good to have someone to travel with for awhile.

I spent the evening processing some of the videos and trying to figure out a quicker method to add to these posts. No luck yet, but I will keep trying. Packing things up now so I can beat the rain tomorrow.