It was time to get back on the bike. This time however, I would not have to carry all of the gear now that Lisa Marie is with me. I wasn’t exactly sure how to pack the bike. It felt so strange to have virtually nothing on the bike. I had to carry some items because once again the temperatures were going to be exceptionally high. I figured the next few days would be just like starting out from the east coast, solo. Now having a sherpa, it’s gonna take some time to figure out a new rhythm and carrying only the essential gear each day. Prior to this I knew where everything was in each bag. All of my gear was always with me. Now We will need to figure out how to best pack the car each day and possibly the bike. I’m OK with that. Not having all the weight should help me get up and over the mountains possibly a little faster. It took a little bit extra time this morning to get ready. Finally back on the bike it felt good. At breakfast we met up with Ann and Marge who were on a motorcycling adventure of there own. They were headed out to a destination unknown. That’s the way they like to travel.

Today’s route was mostly cycle paths. Early on I had some navigational issues because of some different road construction. Heading out onto the Poudre Trail was amazing. This trail was one of the best trails I’ve ever been on. It wound its way through the Colorado countryside along the river and through the woods. The scenery was constantly changing and there was always walkers and bikers spread throughout the trail.

About 20 miles in I ran into a trail closure sign which I thought would take sometime to navigate. But talking to a local who was biking on the trail she pointed out a way to get across and around the detour. With her information it only took me a few minutes to get back onto the path. The time went by quickly because of the ever changing scenery and the windy path. It was so nice to not have to think about cars or look down a straight road with cornfields on either side. Development along the trail was ever present. I can see why the development would be so abundant given the beauty of the trail system. The temperatures fluctuated throughout the day as the clouds came and went and came again. The second time the clouds were showing rain. I stopped at several different parks and enjoyed the sound of rushing water and seeing people fishing, wadding, and even tubing. There was a constant stream of people of all ages out on the trail. I finally met up with Lisa Marie who was waiting at the predetermined final destination. Loading everything back into the vehicle we headed out for a late lunch and a drive around town. Tomorrow we will return to that spot and begin several days of climbing through the Rockies.