After some fun time with family in Colorado it’s time to fly home. Several months ago, another cousin of mine asked me to officiate his wedding. Wow what an honor. At the time he had no idea what I was planning to embark on. Getting some details from him and his fiancée, I quietly reviewed my plan to see if it was even possible. Looking at multiple options I felt confident that I can make this work. So just prior to leaving from the East Coast, Lisa and I met with David and Chen to discuss their special day. At the same time, I revealed that I was two days away from starting a cross country bike journey. I was super excited for my cousin and his future bride. We had a lovely dinner and talked about their upcoming ceremony. Because of the uncertainty of my journey ahead, I asked for some time to ride to make sure that I could make it to Colorado to fly home. David and I kept in contact as I began my early days and within a month I felt very confident that I could get to Denver to fly home for their wedding. I had to say there were times crossing Nebraska I was a little nervous because of the unpredictable weather. I waited until this past weekend to book my flight home. Something like this was never in my original plan. But I always said, I felt like I was on a tandem bike, God was in the front seat and I was in the back just peddling. I think this just makes the journey that much more interesting. So now it was time to leave my bike and gear with family in Colorado and get on a plane to fly back to Michigan. Pondering over the last 50 days of my cycle journey, I’m still amazed I’ve made it all the way to Colorado. Looking out the window of the plane and seeing all of the fields that I rode past was crazy. The journey that took me over 30 days to travel and bike I covered in three hours on a plane. I’m looking forward to seeing Lisa Marie and the kids and spending some extended off the bike for the wedding.