Today was a day of recovery. The unexpected heat took a toll. I needed a short day to do a little active recovery while pedaling. I started late this morning after a good nights rest. I expected to ride through rain in the afternoon but is was nothing more than a drizzle. Tomorrow will be a different story. Rain for most of the day. It was good to move forward but also good to get an early stop. As I was climbing a hill through a little town I had to stop and “smell the flowers” As I did the homeowner came out and again we talked about the journey. She mentioned that was always something on her list to do, but that was probably not going to happen now. She spoke of her love of gardening and coming out each day to smell the roses. I know that I am not quite in a rhythm yet, but i am certain I am being prepared for what lies ahead. The lessons I have learned already will serve me well.