The sun rose earlier then expected.  5:35am. I grabbed some breakfast at the local McDonald’s. I arrived and received my food just as the power went out.   The staff locked the doors as people were driving and walking up expecting to come in.  A half hour later, just as I was leaving, the power came back.  So glad I made it!

Back out on the road the traffic pattern was pretty much the same as yesterday.  The big difference, I had a tailwind. This was the first east wind in about 16 days. Mostly crosswinds coming at me. This was a wonderful change.   Two hours later I ran into a little town Teutopolis and pulling over into a small country kitchen to have some more coffee and food. I met two young girls sitting out the restaurant waiting for their father to arrive. They told me the place was awesome. I figured, since the parking lot was and there were people packed inside. Eva and Dakota were very polite.  They wondered about my bike with all the bags. They wanted a picture of the crazy guy on a bike. They were so genuine. Thanks girls.

Before heading out of town, I saw a few cyclists roll through and keep going.  I hoped I might be able to catch up to them but I wasn’t sure.  About 45 minutes later, as I crossed a very busy street, I ran into the two of them sitting on a bench as they were having some coffee and a snack.  As it turns out these are two gentlemen who passed me going up the Continental divide back in Cumberland Maryland (Day 9).  They’re here from Germany doing a transcontinental ride together.  We exchanged photos and names that I expect to see them tonight in the hotel or if nothing else tomorrow morning at breakfast.  Klaus and Ralf (Hope I spelled it right)

Leaving the two to finish up their snacks, I knew it wouldn’t be long before they ran past me again.  Sure enough they went blazing by and left me in the dust.  Nothing like lot less weight and a good tailwind to push you on.  I think they might have been cycling at 22-25 MPH. The miles clicked off quickly today. Alone with my thoughts I couldn’t help but think of all of the great Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep products I have seen all throughout the last 25 days.  These thoughts really started days ago, but today I came across a beautifully restored 1950 Chrysler Newyorker for sale.

It makes me proud to see these products all throughout the little towns, working and moving America.  Every brand has represented but clearly Jeep and the RAM are the dominant.  My hat’s off to all the Designers, Engineers, Modelers, and all the others that I worked with over the years, producing those great products.  Design office was the best place in the company to work.  And yes I’m biased.  Thanks again for all the years and all the memories. 

The small towns most people will never see as they travel across the Interstates. These are little gems, but may they never get polished again. Some little town are amazingly kept up while others you can see the decay from the decline of people traveling through. The people mostly wave and say hello as they go about their day. It’s interesting looking at the different fields, planted with the same crop but all at different levels. Some crops taking root while other fields barely showing the seedlings. Maybe they were planted at different times. I am definitely not a farmer but I sure do appreciate the effort that they put forth. If I’m lucky I’ll get another tailwind tomorrow. Let’s hope.