It was a good thing we were inside last night.  There was serious lightning, wind, rain, and hail.  After a quiet breakfast we got on the trail early with some wonderfully cool weather.  We quickly ended up in Xenia Ohio at the hub of multiple trails.  Ran into Bob who was going from Cincinnati all the way to Cleveland.  He was sitting at the station making himself breakfast after weathering the storm in a tent.  He said it wasn’t pretty.  The world through the trails tour Dayton took a quick little stop at a coffee shop and continued on to our final destination.  After our break, we continued on the trail navigating a few sidewalks along busy roads and eventually having to do a little hike a bike through some dense woods.  On the other side of the woods I look down in my socks and saw that I had picked up quite a few hitchhikers.   From there it was a short ride to reach our destination before midday.  The rest of today and tomorrow will be rest.  I will be taking care of some business items and hopefully have everything buttoned up.  Hopefully with that done that’ll be a big weight off my shoulders and who knows maybe I’ll even pedal faster.  Tonight we’re staying with Dan’s mother-in-law so I have the opportunity to meet the whole family on this trip.