Well today is clearly an answer to prayer.  The last two days the forecast for today was solid rain.  Even last night the forecast was for early morning thunderstorms and intermittent showers mostly throughout the day.   I asked God to put me in a bubble and keep the rain away.   He was so gracious.. He’s done exactly as I asked.  Thank you Lord.  It is so nice to be along the trail with blue skies and sun peeking through the leaves.  The trees provide welcome shade from the hot sun.  I’ve already peeled all my outer layers to just the essentials and enjoying a ride through the woods. 

Stopped in Ohiopyle for breakfast and coffee.  The town it’s pretty quiet until memorial weekend.  What a wonderful coffee shop was open when I sat and had breakfast and coffee.

While sitting enjoying my breakfast I met a local man Ron Lovelace who creates videos about the trail the waterfalls and the different sites around Ohiopyle. 

Again there are rumbles of a train somewhere across the river there’s been several freight trains and I know I was able to sneak a peek at an Amtrak passenger train earlier this morning.  I really do hate camping in the rain but I don’t know how to get across the country without camping which means sometimes being an inclement weather.  We’ll see what the weeks ahead bring but for now I’m enjoying again the quiet solitude of this trail and no cars to even think of.

It was pretty quiet for the next hour and a half stopping to see different waterfalls and overlooks.   I came upon Leslie who, along with her dog Ghoste, is walking to Colorado – solo.  Then she said, well maybe California, I don’t know yet.

It was time to take another stop and enjoy some lunch in a cool Trailside restaurant called the kickstand kitchen.

The rest of the day snaked through the woods and through a couple of small towns. Occasional walkers scattered the trail along with the bikers heading the opposite way toward Washington DC.  As I approached my resting place for the evening, I couldn’t help be reminded of what a great day it turned out to be.  I had booked this shelter several days in advance because of the forecast.  When I arrived at this amazing trailside Oasis, it gave me a chance to pull all the wet gear out and let it dry.

This place is what I would hope for every trailside campground.  It is now my standard.  Covered pavilion, bike washing station, picnic tables, grills, and plenty of electrical connections to recharge all the. devices.  I should be able to get some extra rest tonight and enjoy another great day on some new sections that I’ve never seen.